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Foreign Citizens of Indah Puri Resort Apartments Complain to BP Batam, Talked About UWT

Foreign citizens coming to BP Batam office. They are residents of Indah Puri Golf Resort apartment. They came to complain and look for information. Haryati
BP Batam Asset Utilization Director, Dendi Gustinandar - Batam Business Entity Agency (BP) visits by a number of foreign citizens (WNA), residents of Indah Puri Golf Resort apartment, Monday (10/21/2019) afternoon at BP Batam Marketing Center.

Not only foreigners, there are also residents of local Batam residents participating in the group.

They came to complain and look for information related to problems faced by apartment manager.

New Management and Project Transition, GM Indah Puri Golf Resort Respond To Residents Complaint

This meeting was closed.

Director of Promotion and Public Relations BP Batam, Dendi Gustinandar said, there were many things that were said by residents of apartment at this meeting.

But it only provides responses and explanations related to main tasks and functions in BP Batam.

As for other things, according to him, there are agencies that are more authorized for it.

"But regarding BP Batam, it is the same as what has appeared in media from the side of apartment dwellers," Dendi said on Monday.

They complained, there was a bill from management. The amount is IDR 12 million per square meter.

Initially they thought that much money was for BP Batam Annual Obligatory Extension (UWT) bill. Given UWT apartment for 30 years is up.

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