New Management and Project Transition, GM Indah Puri Golf Resort Respond To Resident's Complaint

Indah Puri Golf Resort's resident give complaints about the existence of fees from management. They also gives response. Here's their explanations.

New Management and Project Transition, GM Indah Puri Golf Resort Respond To Resident's Complaint
Residential appearance at Indah Puri Golf Resort, Sekupang, Batam City. - After previously dozen of residents at Indah Puri Golf Resort give complaints about the existence of fees from management, on Monday (10/21/2019) management of Indah Puri Golf Resort expressed a response.

Indah Puri Golf Resort General Manager Adi Putra said that previously management had held a meeting with the residents on 13 August 2019.

At the meeting Adi said his party already told there was a management shift.

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So there is delay in collecting maintenance money from September 2018 to August 2019.

"We have already explained the matter, there were around 60 people present.

But it's the obligation they should still pay, "said Adi.

Adi also said that currently Indah Puri Golf Resort is indeed reducing maintenance, one of them is to take care of park there.

Because, according to Adi, many residents are not active and do not want to pay, so the management always subsidizes maintenance costs.

"Like swimming pool, we close it first, but we maintain it for security, generators, and garbage," he said.

Further related to the cost of IDR 12 million per square meter that must be paid by residents, Adi said the money was not fully paid for the extension of UWT only.

Adi explained the management of Indah Puri Golf Resort was in the stage of developing business.

"We want it all, to pay for an extension of UWT and also repairs. Because we want to make new project, "he said.

Adi assesses that if the market value of this resort is big, the residents will benefit.

"But all of that is not final, if they object to these rules we can still discuss so there is win-win solution," he concluded. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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