Hackers from Sleman Pocketed Rp 31,5 Billion by Hacking the Companies in US

A hacker with the initials BBA (21) was arrested for his actions hacking a server of a company in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

Illustration - A hacker with the initials BBA (21) was arrested for his actions hacking a server of a company in San Antonio, Texas, United States. BBA was successfully arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Action at the Siber Bareskrim National Police at his residence in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on Friday (18/10). 

As for the evidence that is secured, includes, a laptop, two units of mobile phone, personal identity, one BNI ATM card, a CPU assembly unit, and a motorcycle. Based on information from the police, the hacking was carried out with a ransomware type of malware (computer virus) attack mode. 

BBA buys ransomware or malware that is capable of taking control, which contains Cryptolocker on the internet black market or the dark web. Then, the ransomware was sent widely to more than 500 overseas email addresses. One of the victims who received the e-mail was a company in San Antonio, Texas, USA. 

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Meanwhile, when the victim opens the email, the company's software will be encrypted. This is what made the BBA an opportunity to request ransom from the victims.

Because, if no ransom is given within a certain time, then the company's system will be paralyzed.

"When all the systems can be taken over by the perpetrators, a notification appears on the screen, if you want to revive your server, then I give you 3 days to pay," said Rickynaldo, as reported by, Friday (10/25) . 

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For this threat, inevitably the victim sends a ransom fee to the perpetrators in the form of Bitcoin. It is known, for five years being a hacker with ransomware mode, BBA was able to reap 300 Bitcoin or around Rp 31.5 billion.

"If the transactions are calculated, the velocity of money, there are around 300 Bitcoin he can get. Rotated, to buy and sell. Then the rest of the profits he can buy equipment," said Rickynaldo. 

For its actions, the BBA is subject to Article 49 Jo Paal 33 and Article 48 paragraph (1) Jo Article 32 paragraph (1) and Article 45 paragraph (4) Jo Article 27 paragraph (4) of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to the Law Law Number 11 Year 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions. The maximum penalty for the perpetrators is 10 years in prison. (*) 

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