Various Fruit Bazaar in Hypermart Invaded by Singapore and Malaysia Tourists

Hypermart celebration for festival of light by Hindus, Diwali. They hold a bazaar of variety of products from daily needs such as various fruits.
Tourist shopping for various bazaar products at Mega Mall Batam Center. - October 27, 2019 is known as the fall of Diwali day or celebration for festival of light by Hindus.

In Singapore, the day is designated as a national holiday.

One of the department stores in Mega Mall Batam Center that sells variety of products ranging from food to clothing, namely Hypermart, take advantage of national holiday celebration moment of Singaporeans.

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Through Bazaar program, John conveyed as Supervisor of Hypermart said that it has been 4 days from 26 to 28 October 2019 that his party held a bazaar to increase sales.

"Previously we have communicated to the mall that we will hold a bazaar, in this bazaar we offer variety of products ranging from daily needs such as cooking oil, tissue, to various fruits," he said, Sunday (10/28/2019).

John said the majority of visitors who shop are foreigners like Singapore and Malaysia, their favorite products are various fruits and also basic needs such as cooking oil.

For the price of fruit, for example, John said that his party sells at special price of IDR 15,000 per kilo from the normal price of IDR 27,000.

Not only that, Red Globe Grape is sold IDR 27,000 from IDR 39,000 while for Pear fruit is priced at IDR 15,000 from the normal price of IDR 19,000.

"We also have this bazaar on the 1st floor to facilitate people's access to shopping," said John.

Of the goods traded, there is price information that shows nominal value in rupiah, Singapore dollars to Malaysian ringgit.

John said, the price is only to make it easier for tourists to shop.

"For the payment we still use rupiah system," he said. ( Nabella Hastin Pinakesti)

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