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Will Jhonson & Jhonson Powder in Riau Islands be Pulled like in America? Here's BPOM Explanation

Johnson & Johnson powder was withdrawn from the American market. 33 thousand baby powder bottle withdrawn because found asbestos in their composition

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Makeup illustration. - Johnson & Johnson powder is very familiar among mothers who have children.

But recently, precisely in the middle of October, Johnson & Johnson's powder was withdrawn from the American market.

As many as 33 thousand baby powder bottles were withdrawn because found asbestos in their composition.

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It is known that asbestos is a carcinogen associated with mesothelioma, a rare cancer that is deadly.

What about in Indonesia, especially Riau Islands Province?

Head of Riau Islands (Kepri) Drug and Food Control Agency (BPOM) Yosef Dwi Irawan said that until now his party had not received any directives from BPOM RI.

"We are still waiting for an explanation or order from BPOM RI," Yosef said, Friday (11/01/2019) to

Therefore, it is still waiting for instructions from the center and can not take action on their own.

Because every company like Jhonson and Jhonson have security standards for users.

"Jhonson is a big industry, they certainly have mechanisms and procedures that ensure the quality of product safety," explained Yosef.

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