Batam Industry & Trade Department Closes 3 Gas Station in Sagulung and Batuaji

3 kg LPG gas get lack of supplies for Batam Citizen because some of bases fraud in the field. Disperindag has closed 3 bases in Sagulung and Batuaji.

Batam Industry & Trade Department Closes 3 Gas Station in Sagulung and Batuaji
Head of Batam City Industry and Trade Department (Kasdisperindag) Gustian Riau. - Head of Batam City Industry and Trade Department (Disperindag), Gustian Riau, stressed that the "disappearance" of 3 kg LPG gas from the market was not due to a lack of supplies from Pertamina but because of fraud in the field.

"There is a game played by the base. We have closed 3 bases in Sagulung and Batuaji," Gustian said on Dataran Engku Puteri after National Health Day ceremony, Tuesday (11/12/2019).

This closure is because these bases sell to retailers.

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In addition, there are also bases that sell to citizens who are not entitled to receive them.

"Today we also go down so that there are no problems at the base in Batam," he said.

Gustian asserted, there will be legal sanctions to the base if there are those who sell from the price of HET.

It will also evaluate agents who provide flexibility to the base.

If it is no longer possible, Disperindag will change its structure.

The possibility of making 5 agents in each district. If the old is no longer possible.

"All the teams from Disperindag went to the field. Today we go to Sekupang and Batuampar," he said.

Gustian added that if there were fraudulent bases, they would be penalized.

It is against the revocation of permits and quotas. ( Uly Sianturi)

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