Batam City APBD 2020 Estimated to reach Rp. 3.1 Trillion, Safari: Surplus Budgets are Not Deficit

The discussion on the Batam 2020 Regional Budget (APBD) has been completed at the commission level.

Batam City APBD 2020 Estimated to reach Rp. 3.1 Trillion, Safari: Surplus Budgets are Not Deficit
APBD draft illustration, BATAM -  The discussion on the Batam 2020 Regional Budget (APBD) has been completed at the commission level.

In fact, each commission has reported it to the budget agency. 

It is estimated that the next 2020 Batam City Budget will be Rp. 3.1 trillion.

Batam City Government had previously sparked a deficit, instead discussion on the budget actually was a surplus.  

Safari said that the priority would be infrastructure or direct shopping. 

Meanwhile, according to budget rules for education by 20 percent and health by 10 percent. 

"According to indications, our income has gone up, so we are adding temporary teachers, new school buildings, supporting health workers," Safari said.

Previously, the Batam City DPRD criticized a number of budget posts that were considered inappropriate.

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It is even possible that a number of activities which do not directly touch the community will be cut.

This is due to the possibility of a budget deficit of Rp 40 billion in 2020. 

"Indeed there have been discussions with the DPRD Budget Board team and the Regional Government Budget Team (TAPD) that it was predicted that the deficit would be predicted. So the solution is to cut activities," said commission III chairman, Werton.

Werton said the sluggish economy was the cause of the budget deficit. Regional income is also predicted to decline further later. ( Uly Sianturi) 

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