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Developing MSMEs, IBA Holds IBA Food Chain & Trade Expo 2019 on November

IBA will hold Food Chain and Trade Expo in Batam on the end of November. IBA is planned to be followed by 8 countries and hope to develop Batam MSMEs.

Head of International Business Association, Shan Shan. - International Business Association (IBA) will hold Food Chain and Trade Expo.

This activity is the largest food bazaar and expo that was first held in Batam City.

The event initiated by IBA is planned to be followed by exhibitors from 8 countries.

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Like Indonesia, Singapore, Norway, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

IBA is a non-profit organization that houses MSMEs from 11 countries.

Head of International Business Association (IBA), Shan Shan said there were already quite a number of foreign exhibitors who showed interest in this activity.

"Now there are four large exhibitor groups from Taiwan taking part in the booths.

There are from Changhua Group, Zhong Group, Yan Group and Justin Group, "Shan Shan said in a release received by, Tuesday (11/12/2019).

She explained this activity besides bringing together MSMEs, Franchise Industries, Investors and Stakeholders will also present dozens of multi products from 8 participating countries.

Call it like food, drinks, cosmetics, clothing to property.

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