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Kristal Komputer Holds Laptop Exhibition, Customer Could Get Direct Prizes

Kristal Komputer Batam held product exhibition of laptop and PC. Located at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, precisely at 2nd floor. Here's the prices.
Kristal Komputer exhibition, took place at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. 

Rina said, during this exhibition will be given the opportunity for consumers to get prizes, if purchase the products with high specs.

In the exhibition, All In One (AIO) products from Celeron to Inter Core i7 specifications were introduced with A340-22IWL series.

Rina said this series was equipped with Intel Core I3-8145U, 1TB sized hard disk with 4 RAM, and operating system using DOS, up to 21.5 inch screen.

"This series has also been equipped with the latest designs and stanlist lists," explained Rina.

The use of All In One products is also able to save space, both for personal use and at work.

Besides All In One product, another alternative for the community is choosing Lenovo tower pc.

"There are various Lenovo tower models that we sell at once along with its LED screens," he said.

For payments, people do not need to worry, because Kristal Computer accepts all types of payments ranging from cash, credit, debit, to using Home Credit service. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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