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Marina Garden Residents Dissolve in Grief, Kid's Incident Drowned at Tanjunguncang

A boy who drowned at seafront in Tanjunguncang, made all the neighbors and relatives who came to mourn at funeral home shed tears. Here's the story. Sitanggang
A boy died cause by drowning while swimming with his friends at seafront beside PT Karimun Anugerah Sejati, Tanjunguncang, Friday (11/15/2019). - The atmosphere of mourning enveloped the funeral home where Alif (10), a boy who drowned at seafront in Tanjunguncang.

Almost all the neighbors and relatives who came to mourn shed tears.

The funeral home is located at Marina Garden Housing Block F1 number 19.

Pelni Port Moves Again to Sekupang Before Christmas, BP Batam Asks For Bless observation, where Alif was buried pack with residents and relatives to provide condolences to the family.

"Oh my god, how could it get like that. Hope it be closed, the way to get there," said Maya, a resident who came to mourn on Friday (11/15/2019).

The mourners were seen shedding tears, dissolved in sadness over the incident.

"Why did they go there," said the mourner.

The mourners told the story, so far Alif was known as a child who prayed diligently and well.

"He's a good son, my god, this is too fast," he said.

Neighbors and relatives keep coming to pay their last respects.

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