Moge Tourism Rally Event, Hundred of Bikers Explore Batam To Tanjungpinang

Moge bikers from four different countries explore Batam to Tanjungpinang. This agenda is one way to introduce Riau Islands province tourism potential.

Moge Tourism Rally Event, Hundred of Bikers Explore Batam To Tanjungpinang
Hundred of Moge bikers from four different countries, explore the beauty of tourism potential in Riau Islands Province on Saturday (11/16/2019). - Holds a tour in three regions, hundreds of Motor Gede (Moge) riders from four different countries explore the beauty of tourism potential in Riau Islands Province, Saturday (11/16/2019).

Starting from Batam City, the moge riders then went to Bintan Regency and ended in Tanjungpinang City.

According to the Chairman of Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) in Riau Islands, Taba Iskandar, this agenda is one way to introduce the tourism potential of Riau Islands province to foreign countries.

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"This agenda not only raises tourism potential in Riau Islands, but also provides compensation to several orphanages in Tanjungpinang and Bintan," he said representing the Indonesian moge community.

Beside that, Taba said three-area tour had 'Moge Tourism Rally' theme with the support of Riau Islands Provincial Government, in this case Riau Islands Youth and Sports Department (Dispora), for its implementation.

Not only HDCI as the representative of Indonesia, also participated in the moge community from Singapore (Eagle Rider), Malaysia (HOG), and Brunei Darussalam (Pemuda Brunei).

"At the initial stage, we will embrace allied countries first to introduce Riau Islands to foreign countries. Then of course other countries, because our tourism potential is large," continued Taba.

Taba also revealed, in the near future his party was also discussing the concept of 'Moge Tourism Rally' to become a routine program every year.

"We're designing it with Riau Islands Tourism Department. Hopefully the response will be good, because the aim is also for Riau Islands," he explained.

Meanwhile, Riau Province Youth and Sports Department, Mafrizon said that his party strongly supports 'Moge Tourism Rally' activity this time.

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