Batik Air Launches Wifi Entertainment on Aircraft, Involving Batam Aero Technic

Batik Air launched the newest facilities, On-board Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) Entertainment. Batik Air installed & tested wifi entertainment on aircraft

Batik Air Launches Wifi Entertainment on Aircraft, Involving Batam Aero Technic
Passenger while enjoying Batik Air Wifi On Board. - Batik Air (flight ID ID) one of Lion Air Group members launched the latest facilities in the form of On-board Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) Entertainment or on-board entertainment systems that are accessed wireless.

Batik Air's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Capt. Achmad Luthfie said in the initial stages, Batik Air installed and tested wifi entertainment on three Airbus 320-200CEO aircraft registered with PK-LAZ, PK-LUH and PK-LUI.

"The first wifi entertainment flight was success with theme Get Free Entertainment from the Grip which only serves several routes. Later it will be available on other Batik Air networks, "he said in a release, Sunday (11/17).

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Achmad Lutfie said Batik Air established partnership to provide on-board wifi with PT Dua Surya Dinamika (AirFi Indonesia).

"The installation of device was carried out by Batam Aero Technic (BAT) as center for maintenance and repair of Lion Air Group aircraft members," he said.

Achmad Lutfie said on installation process he had received certification from the regulator and followed aircraft operating rules.

"Every device installed on Batik Air fleet has undergone inspection and approval by Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation (DKPPU), Republic Indonesia Ministry of Transportation," he explained.

Batik Air emphasized that the availability of wifi entertainment is part of company's innovation in completing entertainment services such as magazines and newspapers that are already available in seat bags, business class and economy class.

The seriousness of Batik Air providing on-board wifi is Lion Air Group's first digital program in providing free wifi services during flights.

"On-board wifi is a commitment of Batik Air in adding premium airline services to guests in the form of inflight entertainment when the trip can be accessed using mobile phones, tablets and laptops," Achmad Lutfie said.

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