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Come Home After Work in Telaga Biru, Tanjunguban Residents Fall on Accident

A resident of Kampung Kamboja in Tanjunguban died after work in Telaga Biru cause by single accident. Here's accident chronology and the explanation.

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Illustration of Accident. - A man named Hartono, a resident of Kampung Kamboja, Tanjunguban, North Bintan District, Bintan Regency, had an accident on the highway and died.

From the information compiled by Tribun, the victim had just returned home after work in Telaga Biru tourist attraction as a seller.

After selling, the victim returned home by riding a motorcycle.

The victim suffered a single misfortune on Indusuri highway, Tanjunguban on Wednesday (11/20/2019) at around 17:45 WIB.

While crossing the street after traffic lights at Simpang Busung, Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Engku Haji Daud (EHD), the victim was thought to have fallen himself.

After the incident, this victim was immediately taken to hospital for bath.

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Then the victim was buried in TPU Tanjunguban.

"This victim fell on his own at that time," said one of Lobam residents, Hamid.

In a separate place, one of Tanjunguban residents, Wandra said, the victim had just returned home from work in Telaga Biru tourist attraction.

The victim returned from Lobam towards Tanjunguban.

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