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Christmas & New Year Homecoming With KM Kelud? Check Price List and Schedule Here

Pelni KM Kelud Ship open for tickets order. Karimun residents who want homecoming for Christmas 2019 and New Year could take this event for their self

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KM Kelud at Karimun Besar Island. - For Karimun residents who want homecoming for Christmas 2019 and New Year, you can already order tickets for Pelni KM Kelud Ship.

This was conveyed by Head of PT Pelni (Persero) Tanjungbalai Karimun branch, Yusuf, Thursday (11/21/2019).

"Prospective passengers can already order directly to PT Pelni branch office or online through website," Yusuf said.

Yusuf appealed that prospective passengers can immediately order a ticket.

Because PT Pelni no longer provides non-seat facilities.

"We recommend ordering tickets done in advance," he pleaded.

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Ticket prices themselves are still fixed.

Good for Karimun-Belawan or Karimun-Tanjung Priok routes.

Ticket prices for class 1A with two bed facilities start at IDR 678,000.

Then Class 1B for four beds costs IDR 554,000, Class 2A for six beds costs IDR 379,000, Class 2B for eight beds costs IDR 350 thousand and economy class IDR 215 thousand.

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