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The Use of Information Technology in the Retail Sector is Projected to Grow until 2021

International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the budget for the use of information technology in the retail sector will grow 17 percent/year.
Illustration of IT experts - International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the budget for the use of information technology in the retail sector will grow 17 percent per year until 2021.

This makes the retail sector one of the fastest growing sectors for technology spending in Indonesia.

IDC estimates that the retail sector will prioritize digital transformation to improve business operations, customer engagement and a better understanding of consumer shopping references.

As a form of support to improve digital economic inclusion, WIR Group, a robotic technology development company, holds a meeting for business people in the 2019 Disrubto event. The event will bring together startups, venture capital corporations and financial institutions, both local and global. 

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Carrying the theme 'The Future of Humanity', the event was intended to provide an understanding to the public how technology was adapted and developed so quickly to human life in the future while still prioritizing the humanity side.

Michael Budi, CEO & Co Founder of WIR Group, said that WIR Group operates with fundamental business principles to see this event as the use of digital reality in various sectors, especially sectors that want to transform. 

"Throughout the trip we worked with several industry leaders in Indonesia including Alfamart, Kimia Farma, Electronic City, PHRI, PPJI, and Awadah Group (affiliated with NU)," Michael said at Plaza Indonesia, Friday (11/22/2019).

Michael also said that the retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries that demands differentiation in the consumption and shopping experience. Therefore, digital reality technology will become a strategic solution in business development and transformation. 

"Digital retail technology is inclusive because it can be applied in various sectors such as fintech, health, agriculture, transportation and information services at airports and others," explained Budi.

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However, creating new technology platforms not only provides benefits but also empowers people from the benefits arising from technological developments that are in harmony with humanity. 

Daniel Surya as Executive Chairman & Co Founder of Disrubto said that technology is not just for the sake of the company alone, but also for the benefit of humanity.

"Adaptation of technology that is currently encouraging people to be more adaptive. Moreover, kids today are very innovative, so it is more the provit humanity that must be considered, "said Daniel. (*) 

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