11 US Investors Will Open Business in Batam

11 US companies investing in Batam City in 2020. Kadin Kepri had reported the investment plan to Minister for Economic Affairs. Here's the details.

11 US Investors Will Open Business in Batam
Investor illustration. - In 2020 there will be 11 US companies investing in Batam City.

This was stated by Chairman of Riau Islands (Kadin) Industry Chamber of Commerce Akhmad Ma'ruf Maulana.

 "The eleven investment candidates from America are fish canning and service industries. We already have data on these companies. They wants run to Vietnam and move to Batam," Maaruf said, Wednesday (11/27/2019).

One US investor, who is planned to invest in Batam, will realize the investment by the end of 2019.

The investor is scheduled to attend on Thursday (11/28/2019) in Kabil.

In fact, he said, Kadin Kepri had reported the investment plan to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs.

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He asked for guarantees to company licenses be helped to enter.

In 2020, Kadin Kepri will make another visit to United States.

They will follow up, the realization of 11 investors who will enter Batam.

So early next year, his party will follow up on the investment plan, with follow-up visit to United States.

"Next year, we will visit there next year, to follow up on the plan," he said.

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