Minister Nadiem Makarim Will Remove National Exams, Here's Batam Vice Mayor Statement

Vice Mayor of Batam responded to Minister of Education and Culture plan who want to remove National Examination (UN). This is Amsakar Achmad statement

Minister Nadiem Makarim Will Remove National Exams, Here's Batam Vice Mayor Statement
Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Nadiem Anwar Makarim. - Vice Mayor of Batam, Amsakar Achmad responded to the plan from Republic Indonesia Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Anwar Makarim to abolish National Examination (UN).

According to him, UN is not a guarantee indicator to measure the achievement of students.

"Everything if followed by well-organized framework or policy, the results will be good," Amsakar said while in Kabil, Friday (11/29/2019).

Without National Examination (UN), he said, if the students were given a load of more knowledge, it would definitely be good.

Indeed, so far the average national exam is considered a formality.

"Besides, now there are no more who don't graduate. As long as it's not strange, the children graduate," he said.

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In different places, Batam City Education Department, Hendri Arulan, said that National Examination was actually government standard to determine the level of student uptake in subjects received.

So far, UN has not become the basis for determining graduation.

"If this is a national policy. Actually it does not matter," he said.

However, said Hendri, if the government had considered all matters related to how to see the absorption of student learning.

If it has been abolished from the center, regional Disdik itself can only implement it.

"That is what is still ambiguous so far by education experts. The consideration is the basis for measuring ability of absorption is, if there's no national exam," he said.

Hendri added that school exams depend on each region.

There are high levels of problem, there are also low levels.

Nationally it is difficult to measure. ( Uly Sianturi)

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