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GOOD NEWS! TOP 100 Opened at Tunas Regency Sagulung, Second Largest in Batam

Top 100 Regency supermarket now opened in Tunas Regency, Sagulung. They offer monthly or weekly shopping, and promise all kind of product are complete Sitanggang
Top 100 Regency Tanjunguncang, Sagulung, Batam, Riau Islands Province. - Good news! Top 100 supermarkets are now present in Tunas Regency, Binti Village, Sagulung District, Batam City, Riau Islands Province.

The presence of Top 100 Regency supermarkets, adds to the list of shopping choices for Sagulung and Batuaji residents, to meet the needs of their beloved families.

Top 100 Regency supermarket has land area of ​​3,800 square meters, the second largest in Batam City with dozens of other supporting stands, from where to eat, hang out and relax.

Top 100 Regency supermarkets also provide clothing, carpet, handphone and playground stands for children.

Interestingly, for Batam citizens especially those who shop at Top 100 anywhere, both Batam Center, Jodoh and Sekupang, can take part in the draw every month where the main prize is one unit of Honda HRV and one unit of Toyota Fortuner.

To enter the lottery, Batam residents only need to shopping for IDR 100,000, can already get one coupon.

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"The more shopping, the more coupons earned and the more chances to win," said Aming, Menager Top 100 group.

Top 100 Regency supermarket has very large parking lot and has a variety of facilities.

"So we really provide all the needs of citizens in one place where all needs exist. This is our goal," Aming said.

He said, around Top 100 Regency supermarkets, there were many facilities that could be utilized by Batam residents, starting with Honda's official motorcycle service, eating places, and karaoke bars.

"For household needs, both daily, such as vegetables, fruits. We provide," said Aming.

Meanwhile, for monthly or weekly shopping, everything is complete.

"Other needs such as home furnishings, we provide both sofas, carpets, etc. Top 100 Regency supermarkets not only provide the needs of residents. But we also work with other entrepreneurs, to provide various kinds of community needs," said Aming.

Top 100 Regency supermarkets is on Jalan Brigjen Katamso, precisely at Simpang Fanindo, 45 minutes from Batam Center, 30 minutes from Sekupang. ( Sitanggang)

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