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The Road To Government Office in Sekupang Gets Full of Garbage Piles

Some spots on the edge of road littered with garbage piles. The pile of rubbish has been known to have been piled up for 3 days at government office.

Piles of garbage at Jalan Ir Sutami are scattered to the middle of highway. - In some spots on the edge of road leading to government office complex in Sekupang, Batam littered with garbage piles. monitoring, Friday (11/29/2019) the garbage pile was on Jalan Ir Sutami, precisely beside Telkom Witel Riau Islands and not far from Disdukcapil office, Batam Sekupang, the garbage began to pile up until scattered to the edge of road.

The pile of rubbish has been known to have been piled up for 3 days, but no official has ever cleaned it.

"People who pass by sometimes throw trash here. The more it piles up, because no officer comes to transport it," said a housewife who also threw away the trash there.

Resident also asked related parties to find the right garbage disposal site, so it would not disturb road users.

"Please look for the right place and in accordance with it, also chaotic and sometimes it has bad odor that disturbs road users," he said. (

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