BPOM Kepri Secure Illegal Cosmetics at Ruko Tiban Mentarau,Denizen: The Perpetrator Rare to Interact

Kepri Province Food and Drug Supervisory Department (BPOM) secures hundreds of thousands of illegal cosmetic products in Batam City, a few days ago.
Cosmetic Illustration - Kepri Province Food and Drug Supervisory Department (BPOM) secures hundreds of thousands of illegal cosmetic products in Batam City, a few days ago.

One of them is in the shop area of Tiban Mentarau, Batam City.

From this shop house, BPOM Kepri has arrested 238 thousand illegal cosmetics with an estimated economic value of Rp 2 billion.

From the local residents, they never suspected the business owner at the shop when marketing illegal cosmetics. 

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Apart from closing all their guises, the residents said that some people in the shop looked arrogant and did not want to communicate with the surrounding environment. 

From the Head of BPOM Kepri, Yosef Dwi Irawan, it is known that the owner runs the illegal business online.

"The method used is not conventional, and indeed they market their products online," he explained to the Tribun Batam, Tuesday (12/03/2019).

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He also said, if until now it would continue to look for the existence of the owner of the illegal product. 

"We are still looking for the owner," he continued.

From some information that Tribun Batam got, it is known that the activity in the shop is usually to wrap some cosmetic products into packaging ready for sale.

After packing, the product owner does not sell it to the public directly or markets it to several cosmetics stores in Batam. 

It is suspected that the owner sells it online, because his products are directly accepted by consumers without having to polemic in law and other rules.

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