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Here's the Tips for Protecting Your Personal Data from being Misused by the Irresponsible People

The rapid development of fintech in the past 5 years has caused the industry to do various ways to minimize the risks that arise.
Illustration of Personal Data Protection - The rapid development of fintech in the past 5 years has caused the industry to do various ways to minimize the risks that arise, but still prioritize the convenience of the user.

Chief Information Officer, Privyid Khrisna Chandra said, minimizing the risk of misuse of personal data that appears should not only be done by industry, but started by the user himself.

"Industry prioritizes convenience and security. Both must be balanced. But the protection of personal data must start from self-awareness first," Khrisna Chandra said in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/03/2019). 

Krishna said, caution can be built from the small things. For example, differentiating passwords between one application and another. Users also have to get used to using strong passwords with a mixture of symbols, numbers, capital letters, and lowercase letters. 

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But unfortunately, there are still many users who are not aware of the importance of implementing it. In fact, said Krishna, if one application is broken, all applications will be easily broken because they have the same password. 

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"Once one gets hacked, everything will get hacked. Because the password shouldn't be the same and shouldn't be caught by other people," he said.

Krishna also advises users to always provide a PIN on the SIM card on a cell phone. Giving a PIN is very helpful and keeps the cellphone number when the user loses the cellphone. 

"Use a PIN on the simcard. This is to prevent your number from being used by other people who access all data for their interests. Because your data could be used for credit in one of the applications on the missing cellphone and so on," Khrisna concluded. (*) 

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