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Hunting Christmas Trinkets in Gramedia, Gives Up To 50 Percent Discounts

Gramedia Store offers attractive promo for citizens who are hunting Christmas trinkets. Also, Gramedia Store provides various sizes of Christmas trees
Store Associate showing various Christmas decorations and trinkets at Gramedia Store. - Ahead of Christmas celebration, variety of supporting trinkets have begun to sold in several locations in Batam City, one of them is Gramedia Store.

Stationary Supervisor, Rosngen Sitorus, said Gramedia Store offers attractive promo for citizens who are hunting Christmas trinkets.

"Currently we give 50 percent discount for each accessories and Christmas tree, the discount is incorporated in Holiday Season promo until January 5, 2020," he said, Friday (6/12/2019).

He said in Gramedia Store provides various sizes of Christmas trees that can be owned with prices starting at only IDR 70 thousand after discount.

For accessories, people can get Christmas tree decorations with various shapes such as colorful bells starting from IDR 5 thousand to IDR 50 thousand.

Making the appearance of Christmas trees even more lively, Gramedia also sells Christmas lights at affordable prices. Namely starting from IDR 50 thousand to IDR 130 thousand.

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"We also provide Christmas greeting cards for various motifs ranging from IDR 4 thousand to IDR 50 thousand," he explained.

Rosngen said that people have started looking for Christmas trinkets since last November.

"On average, Storepers here come from local Batam residents, but some are from Tanjungpinang," he said.

Not only providing Christmas trinkets, for citizens who are looking for bags and wallets, Planet Ocean located in Gramedia also provides discount of 20 percent.

To beautify the room, Kurnia Agung's furniture collection in Gramedia is also giving discounts of up to 50 percent.

Through its Store Associate, Indah explained, for customers who have Storeped products ranging from various ceramic-based home decorations or other wall decorations owned by Kurnia Agung worth IDR 50 thousand, can get 50 percent discount on subsequent purchases.

"With the provision that maximum discounted price of IDR 75 thousand," he said.

Indah said, for Kurnia Agung's Home Decor promo at Gramedia Store valid until January 5, 2020. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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