Ahead of Christmas and New Year 2020, Lion Air Didn't Open Extra Flight From Batam

Hang Nadim Batam reveal there has been no additional flight schedule for Lion Air Group till now. This is relate to Christmas and New Year 2020 moment
Lion Air. - Airport Business Entity Director (BUBU) Hang Nadim Batam, Suwarso revealed, until now there has been no additional flight schedule or extra flight ahead of Christmas 2019 from Batam.

Including flights using Lion Air Group airline.

Corporate Communications Strategic of Batik Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro said that until now there have been no additional flights for Batam flights outside the region.

"There is no extra flight from Batam outside the region," Danang said when contacted.

Furthermore Danang said the addition of flight schedules would be carried out if there were reservation requests that had increased.

"The addition of flight frequency will be carried out by Lion Air Group if demand through reservations increases. Lion Air Group will determine based on market analysis results for the best routes that have high demand, flight frequency and airport operational hours of departure and destination," he said.

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"In improving service quality, Lion Air Group will focus more on serving cities with high traffic," explained Danang.

He said they would try and commit to providing the best service on Christmas and New Year 2020.

Lion Air Group is committed to striving and providing the best flight services that are able to accommodate the needs of customers and public during Christmas and New Year.

"To ensure smooth operations, we comply and run according to operational standards, prioritizing flight safety, security and comfort aspects," said Danang.

Danang also explained that traditionally the route projected to increase demand at Christmas and New Year 2020, such as Jakarta to Medan, Jakarta to Kupang, Jakarta to Manado, Jakarta to Denpasar, Jakarta to Makassar, Jakarta to Ambon, Jakarta to Singapore, Surabaya to Makassar , Surabaya to Manado. ( Hamapu)

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