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Property and Mining Shares Are Still Promising, Predicted The Most Purchase This Year

Public interest in 2020 is predicted to remain from the mining and property sectors. Especially for property sector, the construction is intensively.
Chris Apriliony, Head of Branch and Analyst at Batam Capital Main Services. - The stock sector of public interest in 2020 is predicted to remain from the mining, property and consumer sectors.

"This year the company with these sectors is interesting to accumulate purchases because the shares are already cheap," said Chris Apriliony, Head of Branch and Analyst at Batam Capital Main Services, Thursday (9/1).

Especially for the property sector, the construction is quite intensively carried out in Batam City.

But Chris considered, the development of property stocks for now is still in a position to wait, because there is no Bank Indonesia policy related to changes for interest rates.

If there is a decline in bank interest rates for 2020 as happened in 2019, Chris said there would be decline in mortgage rates.

"We hope that mortgage rates can go down. When mortgage rates go down, people's interest in buying property should increase. So property stocks will strengthen, "he explained.

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Although property development in Batam City is currently being intensively carried out, but Chris said it has not been directly proportional to stock movements.

"The possibility of property development in Batam is currently being prepared. In order to accommodate people's purchasing power, if the level of consumption in property has increased," he explained.

"So, when the property trend has developed, property companies in Batam are ready to market their products," he continued.

In 2019, due to impact of global economy, Chris said many people are holding back purchases from the property sector or the car sales sector.

Beside property stocks, other shares that can be recommendation for Batam City residents in 2020 are Unilever and Telkom.

"Because for now, the products from these shares can still be obtained by public," he said. (*)

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