Welcoming Chinese New Year, Ichiban Sushi Restaurant Holds Promo IDR 8,800

Welcoming Chinese New Year celebration, Ichiban Sushi presents a special menu named Ichiko. Ichiban Also giving promo of IDR 8,800 for one portion.

Welcoming Chinese New Year, Ichiban Sushi Restaurant Holds Promo IDR 8,800 Larasati Anggiawan
Illustration of various Japanese dishes at Ichiban Sushi. - There is interesting news for fans of Japanese cuisine.

One restaurant that serves dishes from ramen to sushi namely Ichiban Sushi provides attractive promos.

Welcoming Chinese New Year celebration, Ichiban Sushi presents a special menu named Ichiko with very friendly prices during January.

"So in welcoming Chinese New Year, we present a special menu that is Ichiko or can be called Sushi Hoki," said Assistant Ichiban Sushi Supervisor, Dinda, Tuesday (7/1).

Ichiko's menu consists of three sushi choices namely Chicken Katsu Roll, Spicy Chicken Roll, and Spicy Creamy Namazu.

Dinda said the difference for Ichiko menu, sushi portion and also the price offered.

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Dinda said, if one portion of sushi with normal prices is served in 8 pieces, but for sushi menu at Ichiko promo it is served in 4 pieces of sushi for IDR 8,800 only.

"The Ichiko menu can be obtained from Monday to Friday, but does not apply on national holidays," he explained.

For people who want to try these thrifty menu, Dinda said for one table visitors can only order 2 servings of Ichiko sushi only.

Beside Ichiko promos, Ichiban Sushi, located in Grand Batam Mall, also has other economical dining options such as being able to get one serving of free sushi just by ordering a katsu or ramen menu.

"To be able get one portion of sushi namely Chicken Katsu Roll, visitors only need to order one of four menus we provide, namely Chicken Katsu Dry Ramen, Dory Katsu Donburi, Spicy Ramen, or Chicken Katsu Curry Donburi," he said.

If usually the promo can only be from Monday to Friday, Dinda said for now visitors can enjoy the menu every day.

"And for ordering the promo menu, visitors can also try everything. The promo menu can be combined with other menu reservations, "he said. (*)

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