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All Handle by Central Government, Batam Doesn't Send Medical Teams To Natuna

None of the doctors or medical officers from Batam were sent to help carry out examination for isolation in Natuna. This stated by Health Department. DA NUGRAHA
Indonesian citizens who were repatriated from Wuhan, Hubei, China in Batam, from Batik Air plane to Hercules plane at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, Sunday (2/2/2020) morning - Evacuation of Indonesian Citizens (WNI), from Wuhan China has been handled by the central .

The Indonesian Citizens will undergo examination for the next few days in Natuna Islands, Riau Islands Province.

During the quarantine period, none of the doctors or medical officers from Batam were sent to help carry out the examination for isolation in Natuna Islands.

This was revealed by Head of Batam City Health Department, Didi Kusmarjadi.

"For medical staff, none from Batam. They were not asked for help," Didi said, Sunday (2/2/2020).

When asked about Health Department in Batam, if medical assistance is needed, Didi has not yet responded.

Impact of Corona Virus, Batam Center International Port Visitors Decreased

As reported previously, Tanjung Pinang Class 2 Port Health Office (KKP) fielded 8 officers to Natuna.

Eight officers consist of 1 doctor, 2 nurses, and 5 officers who check one by one Indonesian Citizen (WNI) when they arrive at Natuna.

Head of Tanjungpinang Class 2 KKP Agus Jamaludin said especially the people in Natuna need not worry.

Therefore, the government is very optimal in conducting surveillance and checking.

"From China alone, our citizens have been examined one by one. Until Batam is examined again, until Natuna is examined again. It means that it is very strict. The lung specialist doctor also continues to stay on the plane," he said, Sunday (02/02/2020).

He also said according to the direction of central government, Indonesian Citizens would later be monitored for 14 days at Natuna Air Force base.

"So our citizens are also very concerned for the next 14 days. Starting from the food, and all its needs. Also prepared sports instructures," he said. ( Sitanggang)

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