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Agriculture War Room Assessed Can Help Agricultural Extension In Empowering Farmers

The Agriculture War Room is considered to be the answer for effective agricultural extension in empowering farmers... See the details here.

Illustration - The Agriculture War Room (AWR) is considered to be the answer for effective agricultural extension in empowering farmers to increase agricultural production in each district in Indonesia.

AWR, which is controlled directly by the Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta, is connected directly to the Strategic Agricultural Development Command (Kostratani) in each sub-district, as well as kostrada in the district / city and Kostrawil in the Province.

The Kostratani Office or Strategic Command for Agricultural Development is managed in a modern way by utilizing information technology facilities to map the potentials, problems and to record agriculture to the field level in the sub-districts. 

The agricultural counseling expert from the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) of IPB Sumardjo said the accuracy and accountability of actual agricultural data, both food and non-food needs to be the basis for making appropriate and effective decisions.

"In addition, the potential and problems of agricultural development need to be monitored and driven through accurate information, more efficiently. This answer is through AWR, "he said in an official statement received by, Tuesday (02/11/2020).

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On the other hand Sumardjo said, the number and quality of agricultural extension workers also needed to be increased and improved in terms of quality. 

The limited budget owned by the government limits the ability to recruit agricultural instructors.

But he said it could be closed by presenting self-help and private extension agents. 

According to him, an adequate and effective extension budget is needed. It's just necessary to avoid irregularities in the realization at the regional level.

The Kostratani office can function to map potential problems and to record agriculture at the sub-district level. (*) 

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