90% Foreign Tourists In Bintan Came From China, Syahrul Admits Not Worried of Corona Virus

Mayor of Tanjungpinang H Syahrul said most of the time foreign tourist have entered Bintan Island came from China. He also not worried of Corona virus

90% Foreign Tourists In Bintan Came From China, Syahrul Admits Not Worried of Corona Virus
Tourists from China who are traveling to Tanjungpinang, Friday (12/23/2016) - The Mayor of Tanjungpinang admitted that he felt greatly benefited by the firmness of Singaporean Government to close China's foreign national access to Singapore.

Because according to Mayor of Tanjungpinang H Syahrul that most of the time foreign tourists have entered Bintan Island and Tanjungpinang City from Singapore.

"Most of the time who entered Bintan Island and then traveled to Tanjungpinang mostly from Singapore," he said.

The same thing was conveyed by Bintan Deputy Regent Dalmasri Syam.

According to him, indeed, resorts and villas in Bintan have been targeting tourists from China.

Although there are dozens of resorts in Bintan that target Singaporeans, Chinese, Europeans, and ASEAN foreigners, the majority of them enter and transit in Singapore first.

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"They have been transiting to Singapore all this time," he said.

For Indonesia, especially in Batam, Bintan and Karimun, three regions directly bordering with Singapore, this policy has a good impact.

Mayor of Tanjung Pinang, M Syahrul said, Chinese foreigners who entered his city on Bintan Island, almost 90% entered via Singapore.

"We have filters at Changi, and Hang Nadim," he told TribunBatam.

Three years ago there was a direct flight from Singapore - Tanjungpinang, but now it is closed.

"If it's from Jakarta, it's also a Jakarta discanner. We are more worried about dengue fever," he said. (

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