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Matahari Department Store Giving 30% Discount of Valentine Collection at Nagoya Hill

Matahari Department Store at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall presents Valentine collection and giving discount of 30 percent. Here's the price and details. WAHYUNINGTYAS
Matahari Department Store in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall presents collection of Valentine's Day at 14 February 2020. - Matahari Department Store at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall presents Valentine collection, to welcome the day of love on February 14, 2020.

Apparel collection for women is dominated by pastel colors such as baby pink, baby blue, and a little collection of navy.

Siti, MDS Supervisor of Nagoya Hill said, this Valentine collection was given discount of 30 percent.

"This Valentine's collection is only 30 percent discount until February 14th. So this is working, " she said.

The types of items for this collection are complete, from jeans, fabric pants, t-shirts, shirts, to blouse.

Siti said, for this collection everything contained Nevada brand.

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For the price itself, is priced starting at IDR 79 thousand to IDR 200 thousand.

The price will still be discounted 30 percent during the promo period.

In addition, for The Body Shop on MDS also appeared to display a series of treatments all in pink to welcome valentine.

"TBS (The Body Shop) has a special valentine product, British rose, so it's all pink. This is what they are up to, "said Siti.

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