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ATB Reveals Water Condition in Duriangkang DAM Batam, February Stock Will Diminish

The availability of clean water in Batam City is predicted to run low, Especially enter this February 2020 in Duriangkang DAM. This is the explanation

Batam Duriangkang Dam Conditions. - The availability of clean water in Batam City is predicted to run low.

Especially entering this February 2020.

PT Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) as the manager of clean water in Batam did not deny it.

According to ATB's Head of Corporate Secretary, Maria Jacobus, this condition is caused by low rainfall.

"The prediction is so. At present, the level of Duriangkang DAM alone is already -2.60 meters," she said.

Maria said, ATB itself had warned of this condition well in advance to several authorities.

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"That in 2020, Batam could have a water crisis if it was not immediately anticipated. We have also informed BP Batam about that condition," she continued.

Maria said, with the depletion of water availability in Duriangkang DAM as the largest DAM at this time it would have to be a strict warning to all parties.

"For this reason, we urge customers to conserve water usage. From time to time, DAM conditions are thinning and cause for concern," she added.

This condition, according to him, is further aggravated by the clean water concession in Batam, which has never been clarified regarding the next manager.

"Moreover, ATB will end this November. Well, who worships if DAM continues to fall to 3 meters? Rotation must be carried out so that DAM life can be extended," she said. (

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