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Corona Virus Threatens Batam Economy, Apindo Asks Government To Find The Solution

Corona virus spread in various countries has greatly impacted the economic downturn in Batam City. Apindo ask government has prepared anticipatory. SIMAMORA
Chairman of Apindo Batam, Rafki Rasyid. - The condition of Corona virus spread in various countries has greatly impacted the economic downturn in Batam City.

Chairman of Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) Batam, Rafki Rasyid is worried if Corona virus is prolonged it will be able to affect the economy of Batam.

"Although the impact on economy has not been felt so far but if it continues in the next few months the impact on economy will begin to be felt," Rafki told, Friday (2/14/2020).

Starting from the obstacle of importing raw materials originating from China.

Then it is followed by decrease in demand from global markets due to people who are holding back their consumption caused by Corona virus.

"If this happens, then Batam which relies on its economy for import and export activities will be affected," he said.

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He hopes the government has prepared anticipatory steps for this.

Do not let the economy in Batam City get dragged down because of Corona virus issue.

"We also hope that Batam residents will not panic and overreact with this issue," he said.

He also added If people panic, the impact of Corona virus issue on the economy will be faster.

So the impact will be more detrimental. ( Uly Sianturi)

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