Batam Economic Growth in 2019 Approaching 6 Percent. Here's the Batam Mayor's Hope

The Central Statistics Department (BPS) noted that Batam's economic growth in 2019 reached 5.92 percent. See the details info ULY SIANTURI
Batam Mayor, HM Rudi - The Central Statistics Department (BPS) noted that Batam's economic growth in 2019 reached 5.92 percent.

This economic growth rate rose significantly, more than 1 percent compared to last 2018. In that year, Batam's economic growth rate was 4.56 percent.

The Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi said, this achievement showed that the development carried out by the Batam City Government was on the right track. 

Rudi hopes that economic growth in 2020 can be maintained and increased. Although at the beginning of the year, the global economy was hit due to the spread of the Corona virus in various countries. 

The national economic growth rate of 5.01 percent. While the Riau Islands economy grew 4.89 percent in 2019.

The sector that recorded the highest growth was the communications and information industry. The growth of this sector reached 11.97 percent.

Then the provision of food and beverage accommodations also grew at 9.62 percent. Furthermore, water supply, waste management, and recycling grew by 7.23 percent. 

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Other sectors that have grown are agriculture, forestry and fisheries (6.35 percent); financial services and insurance (4.94 percent); wholesale and retail trade and auto and motorcycle repair (4.51 percent); electricity and gas procurement (4.23 percent); Real Estate (2.10 percent); health services and social activities (2.10 percent); other services (1.97 percent); mining and quarrying (1.43 percent); government administration, land and compulsory social security (1.08 percent); and education services (0.71 percent). 

While the sectors that hold back the pace of Batam's economic growth in 2019 were the transportation and warehousing industry, which is -17.02 percent. As well as company services or business activities which grew -8.74 percent.

Rahyudin said that for 2020 there was a possibility of a slowdown in the pace of economic growth. Because at the beginning of the year, the world was being attacked by a Corona virus outbreak. According to him, this will greatly affect the economy in Batam. (*) 

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