Corona Virus Terror in Batam, Riau Islands Health Department Ask Residents Not To Panic

Riau Islands Provincial Government specially Health Department gives big attention to Batam. Batam residents were asked not to panic of Corona virus. KAPUTRA
Head of Riau Islands Province (Kepri) Health Department, Tjetjep Yudiana. - Riau Islands Provincial Government gives special attention to Batam.

That's after hear the news of a Singaporean, VP (37) who tested positive for Corona virus has history of travel to Batam.

Batam residents were asked not to panic.

"Citizens do not panic. For now the spread of Corona virus is still on alert status," said Head of Riau Islands Health Department, Tjetjep Yudiana when chairing a press conference on Monday (2/3/2020).

Tjetjep was reluctant to tell the location of VP's house in Batam.

"What is clear, isolation of closed contact with VP has been done. It's safe, do not be afraid," he continued.

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Meanwhile separated, a Batam resident named Ravi was afraid of this news.

He is worried if this virus has secretly terrorized Batam citizens through the air.

"Moreover, there is news that Singaporean domestic helpers have boarded online transportation. Every time we breathe, fear of spreading from the air," he told TribunBatam.

Ravi also asked the government firmness in order to minimize the visit of foreign tourists to Batam, especially from Singapore.

"In Singapore, I got news that more and more people are infected. Batam is very close to Singapore, and the port is crowded with people from there," said the man who works daily as a coffee barista. ( Nur Fadillah)

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