Riau Islands Free of Covid-19, Laboratory Test Results of 82 Ship Passengers Are Negative

Not any case in Riau Islands has been exposed to Corona virus or Covid-19. 82 residents of ship passengers from Singapore were declared negative.

Head of Riau Islands Health Department Tjetjep Yudiana together with Acting Director of Raja Ahmad Tabib Hospital Dr. Elfiani Sandri when giving an explanation to media crew. - Since Corona virus or Covid-19 case exist in Singapore, not any case in Riau Islands has been exposed to this deadly virus.

Around 82 residents indeed received special supervision and certain observations from relevant agencies after foreign citizens were declared positive of Corona.

However, Head of Riau Islands Province Health Department, Tjetjep Yudiana confirmed that 82 residents were negative Corona.

"As many as 82 residents were declared negative of Covid-19. The laboratory test results have come out, "said Tjetjoe to, Monday (9/3/2020) afternoon.

According to Tjetjep, Corona virus case began to enter Batam city brought by a woman from Singapore and her child.

They arrived at Batam Center Port on Thursday (2/20/2020).

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On Friday (2/21/2020), her husband came again from Singapore to Batam.

One family was in Batam for three days before returning to Singapore on Sunday (02/23/2020).

During their stay in Batam City, they were in a private home, shopping at the market and going to mall.

They also interact with household assistants, private drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers and residents around the housing.

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