Batam - Singapore Ticket Through Sekupang International Ferry Port Only IDR 100,000

For those who want travel to Singapore from Batam, you could go through Sekupang International Ferry Port. Sells round-trip tickets for IDR 200,000. LUMBANTOBING
Batam's Sekupang International port. - For those who want travel to Singapore from Batam, you could go through Sekupang International Ferry Port.

Because the price of tickets from this port is sold cheaper.

Ticketing agents at Sekupang International Ferry Port still impose round-trip tickets for IDR 200,000.

The Public Relations Agency of Sekupang International Port Business Management Agency, Arif Nurhidayat, admitted that his party indeed provided facilities for users of Sekupang International Ferry Port services, Batam, Thursday (12/3/2020).

"Because if it's from Sekupang, the distance to Singapore is only 45 minutes. In contrast to Harbor Bay and Batam Center ports, the distance is up to 80 minutes," he said.

Therefore, we coordinated with the ship providers yesterday to be able for consider this.

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The consideration, fuel oil is definitely more economical in its use.

"If from Batam Center it is worth Rp. 260,000, but from Sekupang it is only Rp. 200,000," he said.

Even the adjustment of ticket price has been in effect since September 2019. ( Lumbantobing)

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