Covid-19 Patient in Batam Died, Become The First Death Case in Riau Islands

Patients who were positive for Corona Virus treated at Embung Fatimah Hospital in Batam City reported died. Here's Health Department confirmation.

Head of Batam City Health Department, Didi Kusmarjadi. - Patients who were positive for Corona virus treated at Embung Fatimah Hospital in Batam City reported died.

The patient was treated for several days there.

But his condition worsened and at last died.

Head of Batam City Health Department, Didi Kusmarji when confirmed to, Sunday (3/22/2020) night, justify this news.

"It's true that the patient died," Didi said when confirmed.

To note, in Batam there are 2 people who tested positive for Covid-19.

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While for Riau Islands, there are already 4 people.

1 person in Tanjungpinang and 1 patient in Karimun.

While two people are in Batam.

The death of a patient in Batam would certainly be the first case to die in Riau Islands. ( Nur Fadillah)

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