Covid-19 Positive Patients Increases, Residents Invade Pharmacy To Buy Masks & Vitamin C

Batam residents looked worried and crowded at some of pharmacies to buy masks and vitamin C, as the impact of Corona virus spreading in Batam City.

Residents buying medical devices at Batam pharmacies, Friday (03/20/2020). - Batam residents looked crowded at some of pharmacies to buy masks and vitamin C.

The impact of Corona virus spreading in Batam City made some residents worried.

Not without reason, the government announced that there were two patients in Batam tested positive for Covid-19.

Even this condition causes the purchase of vitamin C and masks in some pharmacies to increase.

Like in one pharmacy in Batam, Kimia Farma Batam Center.

"Since two days ago it has increased. Actually since the beginning of March yesterday, after this virus began terrorizing Batam," said one of pharmacists, Rivaldo to Tribun Batam, Friday (3/20/2020).

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However, the man who is familiarly called Aldo did not want to call this situation as 'panic buying'.

He considers something natural if residents begin to prepare everything so that the spread of Corona virus can be minimized.

"The important thing is do not panic. The government and related parties have worked. Stay calm and alert," he continued.

Aldo said that a drastic increase had been felt since March 2020.

His party has also provided a post to socialization facilities for Batam residents related to Corona virus.

"That day who came and asked our post about 5 to 10 people, still few indeed. Most residents came directly to buy vitamins and similar supplements for prevention," he added.

According to an officer, the best-selling vitamin in this pharmacy is Nutrimax C Plus.

"People immediately come and take this vitamin. The price is Rp 150 thousand a bottle," said the female officer to Tribun Batam while showing the vitamin. ( Nur Fadillah)

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