Assist for Handling Covid-19, Batam Entrepreneurs Attach Handwashing Equipment in Public Areas

Assistance from a number of entrepreneurs in Batam in handling the Covid-19 pandemic still continues to flow. Here are the details. ULY SIANTURI
Director of Sat Nusa Persada, Abidin Hasibuan together with business people who are members of Apindo, PSMTI and the Buddha Tzu Chi Foundation Batam handed over 800 rapid tests and Rp. 2.5 billion to the Pemko Batam, Thursday (3/26/2020)., BATAM - Assistance from a number of entrepreneurs in Batam in handling the Covid-19 pandemic still continues to flow. In the near future, entrepreneurs will install hand washing equipment in various places.

This handwashing tool equipped with clean water and soap will be placed at a number of community gathering points.

"There are still handwashing tools that we will place to help the Regional Government in the fight against the Corona Virus in Batam City. Complete with water and soap," said Chairman of the Indonesian Chinese Marga Social Society (PSMTI) of the Riau Islands Province, Eddy Husie, Friday (27/3) / 2020). 

It has installed 10 points of handwashing equipment and will be added as many as 10 points.

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"If it's still lacking, we will add more. We will attach it to the Batu Aji area and other areas where many people gather," he explained. 

He emphasized that the use of hand sanitizers is very important, but it will be even more important if it is cultured to wash hands using soap and water.

He said he appealed to residents to properly guard and care for the washing hands.

"I appeal to the community, let's take care and maintain this tool because this is not just to deal with the Covid-19 virus, this is part of education to the community to improve healthy and clean behavior (PHBS)," he said.

( / Roma Uly Sianturi)  

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