Citizens who Refuse to be Quarantined Despite Corona Exposure, Will be Imprisoned 1 Year

The Riau Islands Regional Police remind the public to obey if asked to be quarantined if exposed to the coronavirus or Covid-19.

Illustration of prison, BATAM -  The Riau Islands Regional Police remind the public to obey if asked to be quarantined if exposed to the coronavirus or Covid-19.

If that person refuses to quarantine, so it will be sentenced to prison, according to the law on the health of quarantine.

This was conveyed directly by the Head of Public Relations of the Riau Islands Police, Commissioner Harry Goldenhard by telephone, Friday (3/27/2020). 

He said, if it had been determined by a health expert or doctor or who was competent in the field of health issues to be quarantined, then the community must implement it.

If they don't want to do it, they may be subject to RI law number 6 of 2018 regarding Health Quarantine.

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"Article 9 paragraph 1, every person is obliged to comply with health providers and paragraph 2 everyone is obliged to participate in the administration of health quarantine," said Harry. 

Harry mentioned article 93, every person who does not comply with the implementation of Health Quarantine as referred to in article 9 paragraph 1 and or hinders the operation of Health Quarantine so as to cause a Public Health Emergency, will be convicted with a maximum imprisonment of one year and or a maximum fine a lot of Rp 100 million.

"For this reason, we remind, those who have been asked to be quarantined must comply with the quarantine process, if they do not want to be imprisoned for one year," explained Harry.

Harry also claimed that his party would continue to monitor and cooperate with health authorities to conduct surveillance. (*) 

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