This's the Cause of Construction Special Hospital Covid-19 in Galang Island Not On Time from Target

The construction of the Covid-19 Handling Special Hospital on Galang Island, Batam City, Riau Islands Province has been delayed from the initial tar.. Humas Polda Kepri
President Joko Widodo when reviewing the construction of the Covid-19 Special Hospital on Galang Island, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, Wednesday (1/4/2020). He hopes this building can be used for handling infectious diseases or for research purposes if the Corona virus pandemic has ended. - The construction of the Covid-19 Handling Special Hospital on Galang Island, Batam City, Riau Islands Province has been delayed from the initial target of 28 March 2020.

President Joko Widodo revealed the reason for the delay in the operation of the Special Hospital.

When reviewing the location, the delay was due to a breakdown in the distribution of supporting hospital construction materials due to bad weather.

On that occasion, Jokowi said that he hoped the Covid-19 emergency hospital which began operating on Monday (6/4) would not be used. 

"We hope that the Covid-19 Special Handling Hospital will not be used," he said.

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He emphasized that the Covid-19 special hospital was a form of government readiness to face the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"At least, we are ready for the possibility that will happen. We have prepared 2400 athletes' houses, and Alhamdulillah only 400 have been used so far.

"The returning of Indonesian workers must be controlled, monitored and must be checked in a sterile state and not bring the Coronavirus into their hometown," Jokowi said.

According to Jokowi, the Covid-19 special hospital on Galang Island can be used to control the surge of Indonesian citizens/migrant workers that returning from Malaysia. ( Hamapu) 

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