Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak, ATB still Maintains Continuity of Clean Water Supply in Batam

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world, especially Batam City, clean water services must continue to run well.

The ATB Production Team continues to maintain a professional work rhythm amid the Corona pandemic, in order to maintain the quality, quantity and continuity of clean water in Batam. - In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world, especially Batam City, clean water services must continue to run well. Therefore, PT. Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) still strives to provide the best service, despite facing great risks.

ATB frontline officers continue to work as usual in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the water shortage crisis that still lurks Batam Island. They must maintain the quality, quantity, and continuity of water supply to the community so that it is maintained properly. 

"During a pandemic like this, many people must follow the rules to study and work from home. ATB must ensure a reliable water supply so that people can still wash their hands with soap at home," said ATB Head of Corporate Secretary, Maria Jacobus.

ATB has a standardized quality production of clean water. Before being distributed, the water produced by ATB was ensured according to the standards of the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Health Regulation (Permenkes RI) Number 492 of 2010.

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ATB treated water must pass the testing process established by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Namely, as many as 4 parameters of Physics testing, 20 parameters of Chemistry and 3 parameters of Microbiology. 

In addition to the process of testing the quality of raw water and water that has been produced, ATB also uses chlorine according to safety standards to ensure that ATB-produced water is free of microorganisms.

Tests carried out by ATB follow the standard methods required by the International Public Health Association (APHA). This method is also adjusted to the conditions in Indonesia through the National Accreditation Committee (KAN). KAN itself is a regulator of Indonesia's national accreditation body as the highest certificate issuer.

So that the quality of water distributed is really high quality, making it safe for consumption and daily sanitation activities. 

"This includes washing hands during activities from home during the implementation of social distancing," he explained.

Washing your hands with soap with running water is the most effective way to prevent transmission of the virus. People are advised not to touch their faces, eyes, nose, and mouth before washing their hands because that body part is the easiest way to enter the virus. 

Let's together implement a culture of tolerance in accommodating and using water as needed, so that everyone continues to get a clean water supply. Do not let the maximum efforts of ATB who continue to work professionally during the pandemic be in vain.

"You stay at home, let us work so you can continue to use clean water that flows from ATB," said Maria. (*) 

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