Prevent Circulation of Counterfeit Money in Riau Islands, Here's Strategy from Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Office of Riau Islands issued an anticipation for the circulation of Counterfeit Money (UPAL) before Eid Al-Fitr.

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illustration of Rupiah currency., BATAM - In order to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money before Eid Al-Fitr, Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Riau Islands issued an anticipation for the circulation of Counterfeit Money (UPAL).

The following strategies anticipate the circulation of UPAL ahead of Eid Al-Fitr:

1. Urge all people to exchange money in official places such as banking counters.

2. Appealing to the whole community every time they get or get money from the results of the transaction must be checked with 3 D (seen, touched, overlaying).

3. If the authenticity of the money is found, immediately report it to the authorities or to the bank or to BI.

4. There is a need for notification to the whole community through pamphlets / brochures to get to know Rupiah currency more closely, to be posted in a place that can be read by the public.

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5. Conduct education through radio or other media regarding the authenticity of Rupiah.

Under normal conditions, BI routinely invites or comes to schools or other parties to provide education related to the authenticity of rupiah currency.

But in connection with the conditions of Covid-19, a temporary visit to BI was canceled.

( Rebekha Ashari Diana Putri)

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