Although Closed, Residents Still Crowded to Visit Taman Kolam Sekupang in Batam

As an alternative place to relax and take a vacation, Taman Kolam Sekupang (garden pond), crowded by residents. Although it closed by the government.

Taman Kolam Sekupang was crowded by residents on Friday (5/29/2020) even though it was closed during Covid-19 pandemic., BATAM - As an alternative place to relax and take a vacation, Taman Kolam Sekupang (garden pond), crowded by residents.

Like on Friday (5/29/2020) afternoon, Taman Kolam Sekupang was observed to be very crowded.

The atmosphere was different from usual activities, residents packed garden pond.

Some relax while enjoying the afternoon, some are fishing.

Even visitors bring family.

While some other traders sell in the parking lot rows.

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"You can't go anywhere, just play here. You can relax and enjoy the afternoon," said a visitor with his girlfriend.

Not only him, a number of other residents also do fishing activities in the pond.

Even though in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, the government has closed parks and tourist attractions and some other public facilities.

At the location of Taman Kolam Sekupang clearly displayed the government's appeal, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it was closed. ( Lumbantobing)

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