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Jokowi: Don't Let Anyone Feel that We are in Normal Conditions, That is So Dangerous!

President Joko Widodo asked the public to have the same feelings in dealing with Covid-19 which has caused health and economic crises.
President Jokowi - President Joko Widodo asked the public to have the same feelings in dealing with Covid-19 which has caused health and economic crises.

This was said by Jokowi through a video conference during a visit to Surabaya, East Java, Thursday (6/25/2020).

"We are all expected to have the same feeling that we are currently facing a health crisis and economic problems at the same time. Our feelings must be the same. Do not let anyone still have the feeling that we are normal. That is very dangerous," Jokowi said.

He said, the health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19 happened and threatened countries in the world.

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He also asked the public to realize that Indonesia has not yet emerged from the health and economic crisis

Jokowi even stated some countries whose economies were classified as large would also grow negatively during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I ask, that we have the same feeling, that we are now in a position of health and economic crisis. Let us have the same feeling that we still have a big problem which is Covid-19's business," Jokowi said.

"There must be no people who still have feelings that are still normal, so if you want to go everywhere you do not wear masks. Forgot to wash your hands after the activity and still gather in a crowd that is not necessary. This is what we must continue to remind," continued President. (*) 

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