Being a 'First Class', Batam's Hang Nadim Airport Has the Longest Runway in Indonesia

Hang Nadim Airport continues to improve. The position of the airport which is managed by the Batam Business Entity (BP) is quite strategic...

Hang Nadim Airport. This airport has pocketed the classification as "First Class" Airport since 10 years ago. - Hang Nadim Airport continues to improve. The position of the airport which is managed by the Batam Business Entity (BP) is quite strategic. Because, flanked by two neighboring countries, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Director of BP Batam Airport and Communication Information Technology Business Agency Suwarso said the airport, which was built in 1984, has been classified as a "First Class" Airport since 10 years ago.

Suwarso said, by having that classification, surely the Hang Nadim Airport in Batam has its own capabilities and reliability. 

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"First Class Classification at the airport level is the highest level. Of course, Batam Hang Nadim Airport has facilities and advantages. We should be grateful, this airport is very strategic," he said on Friday (07/10/2020). 

This airport-owned facility, which has the longest runway in Indonesia and second in Southeast Asia, after Kuala Lumpur International Airport. 

In addition, Hang Nadim Batam has a 10 aviobridge gate and a capacity of the apron with an area of 690 m x 140 m and 225 m x 49 m. Then already have aviation safety facilities and already pocketed category nine. 

"This category nine, of course, is equipped with various important facilities in it. Starting from a fire engine with a capacity of 2,400 liters of water, more than 24 hours of operation, to have an instrument landing system or aircraft landing safety aids are also available, "Suwarso explained.

Hang Nadim Airport also has three units of Foam Tender Type I with a capacity of 12,500 Liters. Then two units of Tender Type II capacity of 10,000 liters, one unit of Foam Tender Type IV capacity of 5,000 liters and one unit of Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV), as well as two units of Nurse Tender, two units of ambulance, one unit of Commando Car, and one unit of utility.

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