Ship Schedule to Singapore & Malaysia from Batam Center International Port, Even Odd Applies

Batam Center International Port is still quiet in morning. Shipping schedule of each agent is only one trip to Singapore or Malaysia. Apply even odd. SEKAR UTAMI
Batam Center International Port looks quiet but there are still shipping to Singapore and Malaysia., BATAM - Batam Center International Port is still quiet in the morning at 09.00 WIB, Tuesday (14/7/2020).

Entering the port entrance, the situation was still observed to be quiet with only about three visitors.

Even so, almost all ticket agent counters are open, such as Majestic Fast Ferry, Sindo Ferry, Batam Fast, and Pasir Gudang Ferry.

Today, the shipping schedule of each agent is only one trip to Singapore or Malaysia.

Majestic Fast Ferry, opens one cruise trip every day at 08.25 WIB with a one-way ticket price of IDR 250 thousand, and round-trip IDR 490 thousand. Whereas Batam Fast and Sindo Ferry collaborate to provide shipping alternately adjusting odd and even dates.

One Batam Fast counter officer explained, the cruise on odd date was prepared by Sindo Ferry, while on the odd cruise date it was conducted by Batam Fast.

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As a result, Sindo Ferry will sail at 10.45 West Indonesia Time on odd date, and Batam Fast will sail at 09.50 on even date.

Ticket prices offered are relatively the same, around IDR 250 thousand one way for Batam Fast, and IDR 235 thousand one way for Sindo Ferry.

"This is enforced since May 2020. Passengers can buy tickets at one of these two counters, Batam Fast or Sindo Ferry," said the Batam Fast ticket clerk.

This even date regulation also applies to Pasir Gudang Ferry company.

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