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Requirements to Board with KM Kelud During Covid-19 Pandemic, Must Take a Rapid Test

In the midst of the corona or covid-19 pandemic, Pelni Batam has tightened the requirements for prospective KM Kelud passengers. Here are the details. Putra
Illustration / These are the requirements to board with KM Kelud in the middle of Corona pandemic, prospective passengers must have a Rapid Test. 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - In the midst of Corona virus or Covid-19 pandemic, Pelni Batam has tightened the requirements for prospective KM Kelud passengers.

KM Kelud is a passenger ship owned by PT Pelni which serves shipping from Batam-Belawan and Batam-Tanjung Priok.

Acting Head of Operations for Pelni Batam Branch, Adam Izzuddin, said, Sunday (09/08/2020) that there are several regulations and requirements that must be completed by every prospective Pelni ship passenger.

Prospective KM Kelud passengers are required to comply with the regulations and requirements for shipping in Covid-19 pandemic era.

The requirements, he said, were carried out for tightening the prevention of Covid-19 such as mandatory rapid, installing E-HAC applications and filling in CLM.

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Following are the conditions for boarding KM Kelud in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic:

1. Show KTP or original identification.

2. Fill out a ticket purchase form and fill out a sea travel statement letter, provided by PT Pelni.

3. Install E-HAC application on android.

Penulis: Putri Larasati Anggiawan
Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan
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