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History of Batam Mayor's Adjutant Who Positive for Covid-19, Noted 368 Corona Cases

Batam Covid-19 Task Force informed the addition of 7 new Covid-19 cases in Batam, Tuesday (11/8/2020), including Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi's adjutant.

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Number of Covid-19 cases in Batam Tuesday (11/8/2020). 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - Batam Covid-19 Task Force informed the addition of 7 new Covid-19 cases in Batam, Tuesday (11/8/2020), including Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi's adjutant.

Mayor of Batam's Adjutant with the initials B (27) was declared positive for Covid-19 after carrying out a Rapid Test at Baloi public health center ( Puskesmas). Reactive results obtained.

In addition to the new cases, Batam Covid-19 Task Force also informed that an additional five Covid-19 patients had recovered.

So that the total cases of Covid-19 Batam Tuesday (11/8/2020) were 365 cases. Of that number 270 people recovered, 22 died and 76 people are still being treated.

The positive confirmed patient who recovered are Batam citizens with numbers: 285, 291, 299, 300 and 302.

Head of Batam City Health Department, Didi Kusmarjadi, confirmed the news that an adjutant to Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi, was confirmed by Covid-19.

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Didi explained that the person concerned had indeed participated in event, namely Governor Isdianto's thanksgiving on July 28, 2020 in Tanjungpinang.

However, he refused to link this new case with Riau Islands Governor's cluster of adjutants who had been viral some time ago.

"It has nothing to do with the governor's case. It's been two weeks. It could be a community case, but the source is not clear," explained Didi.

In addition, the adjutant in question has not had any more contact with Rudi for about a week.

Because since coughing symptoms have been asked to isolate themselves independently. Then on Thursday (6/8/2020), the person concerned took swab samples.

"Yesterday after returning from the event, Mayor of Batam asked him not to come in," added Didi. (

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