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Ardiwinata Reveals Obstacles of Foreign Tourists Who Couldn't Free to Enter Indonesia

Despite Covid-19 pandemic, the number of tourist visits tended to increase, even though it was only limited to local and domestic tourist visits. Why?

Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata. His party revealed the constraints of the minimum number for tourist visits to Indonesia, especially to Batam City during Covid-19 pandemic. 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - Visits of foreign tourists to Indonesia, especially to Batam City, are still constrained by tight supervision due to Corona virus pandemic.

Indonesian government is known to still enforce the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights in Republic of Indonesia (Permenkumham) number 11 of 2020 concerning the prohibition of foreigners from entering the territory of Republic of Indonesia.

In Permenkumham, foreigners who can enter are contained in Article 3 paragraph 1 points a to f  which contain six points in it.

The six points include foreigners holding limited stay permits and permanent residency permits, foreigners holding diplomatic and service visas, foreigners holding diplomatic and official residence permits.

Then medical aid and support personnel, food and humanitarian reasons, conveyance crews and foreigners who will work on national strategic projects.

In this Permenkumham, especially in article 2 it temporarily prohibits foreigners from entering / transiting in Indonesia.

Government and Society Must be Cohesive when Facing Covid-19 in Batam

"If the Permenkumham is revoked, tourist visits from outside will only be horrified. Currently we only expect national and local tourist visits," said Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Department (Disbudpar), Ardiwinata, Tuesday (18/8/2020) .

He said, despite Covid-19 pandemic, the number of tourist visits tended to increase, even though it was only limited to local and domestic tourist visits.

Ardi said that tourist visits since June and July saw an increase of 1.5 percent.

He said, there are three phases that must be passed during this pandemic.

These phases include the mitigation phase, the rapid coping phase and the new normal adaptation phase (New Normal).

"In the third phase, we are grateful that all sectors slowly but surely have returned to operations, including a number of hotels and entertainment venues. However, they still have to implement health protocols.

We are grateful that in the last few months the number of tourists has seen an increase. So it's starting to look stretching towards the progress of tourism in Batam, "said Ardiwinata. ( Pertanian)

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Penulis: Putri Larasati Anggiawan
Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan
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