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Adding 35 New Cases, Mostly in Batam, Total Covid-19 in Riau Islands to 1.437 People

The case of Corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 in Riau Islands ( Kepri) still shows an increase in new cases. There were 35 new cases of Covid-19.
Illustration / adding to 35 new cases, total Covid-19 in Tanjungpinang to 1.437 people. 

Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan, BATAM - The case of Corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 in Riau Islands ( Kepri) still shows an increase in new cases.

Reporting from the official website of Riau Islands Covid-19 Task Force, there are still additional new cases until Sunday, September 13, 2020.

There were 35 new cases of Covid-19 recorded on Sunday (9/13/2020) or the last 24 hours.

In total, of 35 new cases, Batam became the largest contributor.

Information obtained by, there were additional 22 new cases of Covid-19 in Batam.

Following Bintan Regency, there were 10 new cases of confirmed Covid-19 patients.

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Meanwhile in Tanjungpinang, there was only 1 case of additional new cases of corona positive patients.

The remaining 2 additional new cases of Covid-19 in Lingga Regency.

The addition of these new cases has brought Covid-19 case in Tanjungpinang to a total of 1,437 people since the first case was discovered.

Of the total 1,437 cases of Covid-19, 886 patients were declared cured of the Corona virus, 502 underwent treatment and 49 people were declared dead due to Covid-19. ( Setiawan)

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Editor: Putri Larasati Anggiawan
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